Ṣotayọ: Custodians of joy

Giving honour to family members from the Ṣotayọ branch.

If you are a member of the Ṣotayọ branch without login credentials, please register to tell us about yourself or loved ones passed and present.

Doctors, MDs, PHDs, first class academicians, engineers and entrepreneurs. The awards are too numerous to list and we boast proudly of our family members from the Ṣotayọ branch. They live life with passion and their passion is for excellence.

With pride we make particular mention of Dr Adeayọ Olubunmi Ṣotayọ whose academic honours and achievements (at the tender age of 23) to date include:

  • Winner of the 2016 Institution of Engineering and Technology Present Around the World (PATW) Competition (Lancashire and Cumbria Region)
  • Top 100 Future Leaders in 2014 by Powerful Media
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Best Student in 2013
  • Norbury Medal for Best Student in 2013, University of Liverpool
  • Stack Award for Personal Development
  • International Student Award in a university-wide awards event for Personal Development
  • Vice Chancellor’s Attainment Scholarship for Academic Excellence
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About the fuchsia butterfly; the Sotayos; are resilient and shy by nature embracing life’s challenges with flare and clever strategy. Their colourful exterior is an extension of their tolerance for others and motivates us all to be our best and embrace diversity.

Brethren from the Ṣotayọ branch of the family tree demonstrate that there is reward with perseverance.

The Ṣotoyọ’s “mojo” colours are the full spectrum of pinks, from the deepest to pastels shades.

Numerologist symbolism of the name Ṣotayọ: 

S  Reveal people who are very compassionate and show a lot of tolerance, being willing to see things through other people’s eyes.

O has an aura of openness to life’s miracles

T  An affectionate character that is easily grounded, prone to emotional response in most circumstances.

A Bold pioneers, people who are visionary and pave the way for their peers.

Y Having inspirational goals but also living in the present.

O Stick to the plan….or else!