Adupẹ oooo! We are very proud of the Abiọla branch of the family tree. In Nigeria and globally the notion of reparation through contrite diligent adherence to the principle of democracy will forever reverberate in the corridors of power due to the impact of the Abiọla name on modern politics.

The name “Kaṣimawo” means to keep watching, and true compatriots observe the legacies of Chief MKO Abiọla. The most prominent being the investiture in 2019 by Nigeria’s President M Buhari GCFR of the annual national Democracy Day celebrated on 12th June, in recognition of the life and times of Chief MKO Abiọla (GCFR) the President Elect 1993 (but for military usurpation).

Whilst the social activists among us hail from the Abiọla branch; many are prominent in the judicial arena, philanthropy and the promotion of Human Rights.

Abiọla - born in honour, born in wealth

Giving honour to family members from the Abiọla branch.

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May peace and tranquillity return to the lands of Nigeria. The Abiọla’s romance with Nigeria’s Royal House is a tale of love and courage.

We hold in high regard the descendants of Abiọla, knowing their path is one of greatness. The Abiọla’s honour tradition and are faithful to spiritual truths. Their “mojo” colours are gold, green and white.

The Abiọla’s are known for their fearless compassion and humanitarianism. Exceptional examples of diligent practice of caring for our community. They are true keepers of family and defenders of the meek.