We are proud of our royal lineage.

The Adegboruwa branch of the family tree is deeply rooted in the history of ruling dynasties of Nigeria.

The Adegboruwa’s ascended to Regency of the realms in the early 18th century and remain an influential political force.


The name Adegboruwa is permanently etched into the canvas of Nigeria’s musical history by the lyrical genius of Chief Ebeneezer Obe who remains a celebrated friend to the Onile-Ere family.

Extremely successful in the media and art industry. Many have risen to fame and prominence in entertainment, fashion and journalism.

Many are descendant “mojo” (spiritual leaders) who are keepers of the tenets of our forefathers spiritual systems, whilst some practice modern religions. Notwithstanding, “faith” is a strong defining characteristic, and observance of tradition is absolute strength.

The Adegboruwa’s are renown for their hospitality, innate business acumen and love for life. Their “mojo” colours are said to be red, white, blue and lilac.

Adegboruwa: Protector, shelter, provider

Giving honour to family members from the Adegboruwa branch.

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