Ajenifuja: Economy, discovery, diligence

Giving honour to family members from the Ajenifuja branch.

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Economy builders, academics and generally enterprising by nature: these are the characteristics for which our family members the Ajenifuja are renown.


It remains in-family “gist” that the Ajenifujas “put the fuja in faji” meaning that they enjoy life and know how to celebrate. Its difficult to entertain melancholy when the house includes an Ajenifuja or more; they will soon take tears and turn silver linings into gold.

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Our brethren from this branch of the family tree are conscientious and diligent. Observing tradition and culture with respect. It is also from the Ajenifujas that Alhaja Monsuru Ajenifuja, the Grandson of the late great Kasali Onile-Ere (HRH), project managed the insert of local street signage towards the Family HQ at Ikorodu.

The Ajefunijas are associated with the colours: white, gold, yellow and orange. Positivity, clarity, energy, hopefulness, happiness, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honour, loyalty, optimism and joy are their spiritual designation.

“Peace cost nothing but no one can buy it,

 many have paid too high a price to know it, honour this”.