Ogunlẹyẹ: Shield of Iron, Our Head is to be Honoured

Giving honour to family members from the Ogunlẹyẹ branch.

If you are a member of the Ogunlẹyẹ branch without login credentials,

please register  to tell us about yourself or loved ones passed and present.

The Ogunlẹyẹ’s are known for their courage and spirit of adventure. Amongst them we are proud to say are many prominent business persons and noted public speakers. Articulate and persuasive in deeds and thought.

Fiercely intelligent, quick decision makers that hold fast to cultural ways, yet they embrace modernity and technology with finesse.


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“Iron can be shaped into an instrument of division or a tool to building,

its in your hands”

Elemental colours for the Ogunlẹyẹ’s include: green, brown and silver.