“Life is eternal and love is immortal, your name lives on

and your legacy endures…we remember”

Mr K-O-E

1910 – 1985

The House of Onile-Ere, in loving memory, honours the late great Eminent Baba Ẹle̩ran, Baba Ọba, HRH Regent Kasali Onile-Ere


Baba Ẹle̩ran, Baba Ọba Kasali Onile-Ere was judicious, and wise. Hailing from a long linage of compassionate Regents, the impact of his philanthropy can still be felt today and without a doubt will continue to elevate lives for generations to come.

His indomitable will and acute entrepreneurial character, created opportunities for families within his community and beyond. He understood that racial and tribal divisions are social constructs counterproductive to the advancement of the common man and openly practised what he termed as the “politics of humanity”. His creed was evidenced in his many initiatives to ensure that for his people, education is not restricted to institutionalised structures.

Accordingly, in addition to building housing, schools, churches, temples and commercial property, His Eminence taught his community to speak a single tongue congruent with Yoruba, English, Hausa and Igbo and that language was “commerce”.  His Eminence owned. His properties included livestock, and grain cultivated on his vast fertile lands in Ikorodu and other regions.

The Alasa of Ibadan, Chief Mas’ud Ọlanrewaju Adepọju

Tributes HRH Kasali Onile-Ere

Today, by providence and the diligence of his sons his legacy lives on in Ikorodu. Though largely neglected by time, much of the region of Ikorodu exhibits monuments to the value he added to his generation.

One such memorials is a prominent landmark, an understated street sign that proudly marks the intersection of the world renowned Etunrenren Street with Kasali Onile-Ere Street. The installation of this landmark into Nigeria’s historical canvas was charged, overseen and is rightfully credited to the conscientiousness of Mr Monsuru Ajenifuja (a grandson of His Eminence). Mr Monsuru Ajenifuja’s love and admiration for his Grandfather survives the ages. For this and many more reasons, Alhaji Monsuru Ajenifuja is affectionately venerated amongst close family. 

Although His Eminence was and still is endowed with astute sons and enterprising daughters, the African adage that the “Last born is Father’s first friend” is true for His Eminence. In 2017, the youngest of his children Rasaki Owodunni Onile-Ere launched onile-ere.com established “Kasali Day”(celebrated on the 14th of December yearly to commemorate the passing of His Eminence, together with the family’s affluent linage), and the Ijọba Kasali Onile-Ere Memorial Business Finance Fund. To date, the Fund has provided start up capital for several enterprises in the UK and Nigeria.


Rasaki’s testimony is endorsed by the Elders of the House of Onile-Ere that His Eminence, would occasionally withdraw himself from the busyness of family life to observe his handiwork from the vantage viewpoint of his office window. The Onile-Ere family residences were frequented by dignitaries, politicians, community leaders, established merchants and prominent musicians  whom would either, kneel, bow courtesy or lay flat on the ground before His Eminence. Many of these influential persons remain loyal friends of the family. More recently in 2018, the Psalmist Alasa of Ibadan, Chief Mas’ud Ọlanrewaju Adepọju, issued “Ikomọ Onile-Ere” ode to His Eminence and descendants. Being a prudent man, His Eminence conducted the majority of his operations with discretion, he would take Rasaki into his confidence and secretly entrust spiritual principles and traditional practices.


Baba Ẹle̩ran counselled and instructed Rasaki on ancient teachings. Rasaki learned about the 7 Seals of Ogijo and began to amass his own freedoms and fortunes. Echoing his Father’s diligent steps, Rasaki has willingly taken up the mantle to connect The House of Onile-Ere worldwide to the wealth and power that is family.

Baba Ẹle̩ran, Baba Ọba HRH Regent Kasali Onile-Ere, survived by direct and extended family within Africa and the diaspora.

The House of Onile-Ere in loving memory, honours HRH Regent Consort, Lady Murabiat Odulẹyẹ Onile-Ere

Affectionately adorned: Ọmọ Agbale Se bi Ogun, Ọmọ Ọgbele begunlowe, Ọmọ moro, Ọmọ Olorikiri meji, Ọmọ Sabi dani yan, Ọmọ Iwera Oke, Omọ Lisa barago, O ru ilu, kogbin, O ru lamuren ko wo lorun, Ọmọ Igun nini gun, O Sowo ifore lelele, Ọmọ akenigbo, keru O ba ara ona, Ọmọ Oluwa meje, Apena mefa, Mama Sun re o. “Ma-mi”


1936 – 1983

“Your love has left a memory no one can steal and loving you is knowing that you will always be…”


Counsel and confidant to all whom called her friend. Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere was the admiration of her community. known particularly for her business acumen, and social activism.

Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere was also highly regarded for her incomparable taste in finery, gemstones in shades of pink, blue and yellow gold were particular favourites. Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere was a determined and resolute woman whose ambitions in enterprise was rivalled only by her fierce love for her family. Her untimely death at a tender age of 47, remains a devastating loss to the House of Onile-Ere. May her beautiful soul rest perfectly in peace.

In 1983, the funeral procession of Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere was lead by her last born son Rasaki Owoduni Onile-Ere at the venerable age of 8. The family observes an annual international commemoration of his mother’s passing. On 22 February 2018, Rasaki established (and heads) the UK arm of the Annual Family Thanksgiving Celebration in honour of Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere. The 22nd of February being the day of Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere’s passing has deep personal poignancy for Rasaki, being the exact day in 2018 that heralded the arrival of his youngest daughter whom, of course the immediate family welcomed as Princess “Yewande” II a title meaning “Mother has returned”.

Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere, was renowned for her tenacity and resilience within the core family household, taking up extra responsibility to ensure that her Husband’s various initiatives to feed the needy and make provisions for the community, particularly on religious festivals and general holidays were always successful. She often hosted banquets for the family’s employees and never neglected to assist the welfare of their respective families.

Even in adversity, Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere was industrious and nurtured multiple streams of income, she was very much an extension of the entrepreneur Baba Oba Kasali Onile-Ere. Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere was faithful to spiritual teachings, she made time for daily prayers and meditation.

She was an effervescent socialite with impeccable decorum, welcoming to friends and family. Through her consummate professionalism, she had access to financial resources and was always in a position to support others. She was the “sweetheart” of her paternal and maternal families. Love for Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere (“Ma-mi“) lives on.

HRH Regent Consort Lady Murabiat Onile-Ere, survived by direct and extended family in Africa and the diaspora.


“Gone but not forgotten”

HRM GIWA Onile-Ere

19th Century Regent: 

Principled, courageous, diligent spiritual leader. Formidable father, uncompromising disciplinarian. Survived by grandchildren and a multitude of descendants.

Ọmọ Ọba 

Moshood Ọlanrewaju

Departed 2002 – “Baba Zaria” Reserved, calm disciplinarian. Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family.

Ọmọ Ọba 

Memudu Onile-Ere

 Amiable, gentle diplomat, survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family.


20th Century Monarch: 

The peoples king, generous, romantic maverick. Benevolent socialite.  Survived by children,grandchildren and extended family.


Tairat Onile-Ere 

Elder Sister to Tawakalitu Onile-Ere.


Rafatu Ajenifuja (Nee) Onile-Ere 

The first born of HRH Kasali Onile-Ere.

Tawakalitu Onile-Ere

Departed 2019 “Iya Barika” – Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family

Raimi Onile-Ere

Mr Raimi Onile-Ere

Departed 1986 – Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family

Mr Kehinde Oseni Onile-Ere

Departed 2009 – Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family


 Elder Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere

Departed 2020 – Resilient custodian and keeper of family archives. Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family. Read More

Baba Mulikat



Departed 2009 – Kind heart, agreeable, diligent spiritual practitioner. Faithful father, loyal principled. Survived by children, grandchildren and extended family.




Departed 2006 – Mrs Ọbafemi Onile-Ere: Principled, enterprising mother. Gentle wife and friend. Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family.


Departed 2007 – Kind heart, warm and loving wife, faithful friend. Survived by husband, child, and extended family.

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Departed 2010 – Loved always, exceptional entrepreneur, survived by siblings, and extended family

“Ma Bimbọla” 

Mrs Yemisi Onile-Ere – Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family



Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family

Mr Wusamotu Idowu Onile-Ere

Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family

Rafiat Onile-Ere

Departed 2019 – Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family

“Ọlaiwọla Onile-Ere” 

Departed 1993

Loved always, survived by friends, family and extended relations


Mr Taiwo Bintu Onile-Ere

Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family


Mrs Mulikat Onile-Ere – Survived by Children, grandchildren and extended family

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