"The family that prays together,
stays together"

3 Days Fast

Family well-being and the House objectives for the coming year.

7 –  10 Jan

29 – 31 Dec

1 Day Fast

Personal and spiritual development

7 Feb, 7 Mar, 7 May, 7 June

7 Aug, 7 Sept, 7 Oct, 7 Nov

7 Dec

7 Days Fast

Faith and Family 

1 – 7 July

21 Days Fast

Thanksgiving, charity, meditation, abstinence, reconciliation, focus, compassion and health. 

25 Mar – 14 Apr

The realms are my makers and the fullness therein, I will not lack. I am free to walk on the sands I own and none shall harm me.

Our father, priest and king. The one who named us, defend us. Keep us united, let glory be our crown and peace our feet. Guide us in prosperity, elevate our hand to victory. Thank you for waking us, no more sleep.      

            “Calabash”: fruit from an evergreen tree, with natural medicinal qualities, the shell can be used as cup, bowl or other utensil 

Our love is my guide, I am not alone. I will have rest when I sleep and have more than enough when I wake. Even when I walk in places unknown I will not fear. Your truth is my light and I am safe.

"What has been will return, the cycle of age secures this. There are 12 dispensations and 4 windows from which the waters will pour, align your calabash from the moment of inspiration, let none dissuade you and you will have drink perpetually, you will reign"
Baba Ẹle̩ran - 7 Seals of Ogijo

The Word and I are one. The Water knows my voice and will answer me. All power is the Word and I am restored.

Erase anger and his companion oppression, no entrance to this House will he pass. At the gates of each city he is dissolved. He will not return and all that has been taken is restored.

My domain is eternal, on this all are agreed. Dust is the food of the disobedient and we shall enjoy honey and our laughter will remain.

For me and for my House we will raise up what is good and build bridges of unity, balance justice with truth and sacrifice with kindness.

To rise is my prerogative, none can bend the river but me. I do not permit the subversion of the Waters, she attends only the application of those who do not harm the innocent. No covenant for the disobedient.


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Our beginning who has no end, honour to you is due. Your reign remains, your Word is final in the Water above as below. Renew us, teach us to receive as we forgive. Guide us from imbalance and protect us from ignorance.

Time is the mirror and you are my reflection. The machines of separation will not prevail. Our beginning is One, our return the same, call me by your name. I am because of us, I am strong.

We who stay in the still places, will remain under the guidance of our forefathers and the covenants of kindness shall be our refuge and strength.