"To bury truth is to slave in vain, for liars make poor workmen"

Elder Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere was regarded and respected by colleagues. He is survived by children and extended family.

Prior to his untimely passing Elder Isiaka reconnected with family members via onile-ere.com and social platforms. In particular, Elder Isiaka spoke keenly and often with Rasaki Onile-Ere 1. Much time was spent reminiscing and planning how Elder Isiaka would deliver his duties as a Family Elder despite his inury.

Here are some notes of reflective counsel with Elder Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere for our family:

Elder Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere

Departed March 2020 – Rest In Peace

A diligent, hard working man. Griot Elder Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere lived an earnest and humble life. Notwithstanding his regal inheritances, he profited in his chosen profession as a Police Officer. A position he would resign early, regrettably due to sustained injury.

Elder Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere was regarded and respected by colleagues. He is survived by children and extended family.

Address of Griot, Elder Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere, Son of Raimi, the brother of Kasali, the son of Lani, Son of the Soil in the 18th cycle, memory of the blood that came before him, evidence of the lineage that is today and the covenant that will remain. 

Family Thanksgiving & Annual General Meeting 22nd February 2020

Greetings to my Family and our Friends, I am very happy to have this opportunity to share my mind with you.  

1 I know that some of you hearing this may not know me and this is not good for our family legacy or our biggest inheritance, the children of our blood line.

2 I know that some of us even though we know our name is important, we have lost knowledge and have little understanding of truly who The Onile-Ere was and is to Nigeria and to the world. 

3 This is the reason, I must speak. I am elderly its true, but my memory cannot age so much that I forget to do what is right.

4 It is right that you know who you are and why you must be united and be again. What God has ordained for the Onile-Ere, no one can take away, it will remain forever. 



5 It is my testimony, that the foundation of much of Africa was influenced by a few royal families, we are among them, and it was the custom because of the conditions of the time, many fights, wars and that kind of disruption was the way and it continued for generations until some wise rulers agreed that the thrones, stools of office , Oba-ships even Awujalẹ would be rotated so that peace would rain. 

6 There was peace, then outsiders, not knowing many things,  learned how to interfere with brothers and divide family, twisted the pain of our past and made us disagree again and when the crown rested again on the Onile-Ere presiding in Ikorodu, there was contention and threat of bloodshed. The House of Onile-Ere agreed to part for a short time to protect and preserve the family and to reduce the fighting. 

7 A short time became years and then generations, the fighting did not end, and many of us began to forget our royal duties and behaved like those we were to lead. The fighting turned inwards, and we have hurt each other too much. Even now, the fighting continues because some of us want to take anger, disappointment, cheating, bitterness and regret to the grave, but it is enough, and it is over. 

8 We children of the Great Mother, fruit of the waters, Yoruba, know that when brothers fight, outsiders claim their inheritance. Many have gained from our past disunity; stolen and squandered what is not theirs. But We the originals, the actual and lawful OWNERS can be restored.

9 There is much to talk about, but not now. For now, I am grateful to almighty God that I have lived to witness the beginning of the reunification of the Royal House of Onile-Ere, our inheritance and our heritage are preserved. 

10 You don’t have to stay apart and angry even though your pain is justified, not everyone is out for selfish gain, but it is human nature to make mistake. Let us move forward, just try. Enjoy today and when you pray, give thanks for each other. You are more blessed than you know. 

I will tell you more when we see each other by God’s grace on Dec 19th 2020. 

Much love 

 Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere. 


I am honoured to have known, enjoyed the company and counsel of my Great-nephew the Griot Elder Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere. Though his passing was untimely, his testimony is current to the affairs of the House. Let him that have ears hear, a word is sufficient for possessors of wisdom.

Ọmọ Ọba, Ọmọ Lisa are cunning as the land of Ogijo is fertile, the boots of new age kings trace the steps of ancient rulers but their way is not the path of The Onile-Ere.

Democracy not derision is the memory the life of Elder Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere came to preserve.

We remember and never again will we forget that a good name is important and the name of Onile-Ere is amongst the priceless ancestral inheritances of Yuroba lands.

I am grateful to our Creator that you were given ground to address your family and you took the opportunity with pride. Thank you for sharing your secrets and speaking out the burdens of your heart. We have here preserved your words and you will be remembered for them always.

Rest in peace Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere, you did well.

Much Love

Rasaki Onile-Ere ¹

The tradition of the Igbo people to call the name of an individual three times evokes cosmological energies rooted in ancient anthroponyms. Trinity is key to divinity, all our souls are eternal, divine and to be honoured.

Rest and speak your peace until the children remember not to forget it.

Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere

Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere

Isiaka Alade Onile-Ere

Much Love

Faith Onyeji-Imoh

I hope this is not too forward to give my deepest condolences to the Royal House of Onile-Ere. The way you are remembering your passed loved ones, honours all of us Africans.

God bless the House.

Site Visitor

How sad this news is. May God have mercy on us all. We have heard your words and we know that all things work together for good. Rest in peace.

Much Love

Oritokẹ Onile-Ere

Honour our souls, light a candle and leave a message of condolence

On behalf of the local constabulary, we wish to express our condolence to the Royal Onile-Ere family. May the soul of Police Officer Isiaka A Onile-Ere rest in perfect peace.

Members of the Ogijo Constabulary

Sorry. I know that almighty God will accept your soul. Your name will be remembered. Please forgive us and journey well.

Alhaja Silifat Ogunlẹyẹ (nee Onile-Ere)